Given the great variety of appetizers, meat dishes, recipes, beverages, desserts, soups, snacks, and vegetarian food, it can be concluded without any hesitation that Panamanian cuisine is one of the most popular, rich and respected cuisines from all over the world. So, if you are to visit Panama, make sure you try some of the following delicacies: Panamanian tortillas which are great for breakfast; Hojaldras which are “Panamanian donuts” and they are always served hot and with sugar or vanilla sprinkled on top, together with a cup o coffee. Sancocho is the main dish and Panama's traditional countryside soup with chicken; corvina, a fish dish served with different sauces; an abundance of shrimp, lobster, and fish; tamales, which are made from a dough or a corn, filled with pork or chicken and spices, and wrapped up in a banana leaf and boiled. Also, Panamanian cuisine is specialized in preparing empanadas, cariminolas, pastelitos, shrimp ceviche, carne en palito, angels on horseback, spareribs with secret Chinese sauce, or fried yucca a la Tivoli.

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