The Paraguayan cuisine is rather uniform and representative for all its regions. still, in the capital of Asuncion, there are many specific restaurants, with various influences, form all over the world. The South American cuisine is spread all over the country (beans, rice, corn and beef) and the Brazilian influences are felt in the capital. The Brazilian influences are best represented by the complex meat dishes and eggs, the variety of pastries and baked dishes. In Ciudad del Este, which is a border city, the food mainly bases on beef dishes, such as the stewed chicken, served with tapioca or noodles. In Encarnacion, the diet is based on various ground nuts, fresh fava beans, served with lettuce and pork or beef ham, corn pudding and tuberose ice cream as a dessert. In this city, the Mexican influence is the predominant one and the dishes are basically spicier and more mixtures can be found.

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