The most enjoyed meat is the beef, which is served grilled of fried (parilla), roasted (carne con cuero), in a steak (called asado), beef jerky (charqui) or stew (locro with sausage). The bori-bori is made with beef shank, ground black pepper, olive oil, chopped bacon, unpeeled onion, unpeeled garlic, celery, vay leaf and cloves. The variety of seafood and fish meals is best represented by pescado a la orange or catfish a la orange, which includes butter, orange and lemon juice and it is served with French fries or peas as a garnish. Other famous and traditional Paraguayan dishes that include meat are: carne con arvejitas, lomito a la pimienta, arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) or meat soups, such as so`o yo-sopy soup, translated as beef soup, which is made of ground lean sirloin or round steak.

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