There are two main cuisine types, differentiated by region: Gilan and Khuzestan.

Gilan Edit

The Gilan cuisine has Kateh as the traditional dish – a combination of Persian rice butter and salt which go through a cooking process until all the water in the cooking pot is absorbed by the ingredients. The Gilany rice varieties are considered the most delicious and nutritious, and they have gone through a process of cultivation that started more than 2,500 years ago. This style of cooking characterizes the Caspian region and kateh is the traditional breakfast meal for a large percentage of the population. It can be combined with cheese (panir) or jam. Although this traditional Gilan dish is not seen as a delicacy, it is often recommended for its curative properties, working well in reducing the negative effects of flues and stomach pains.

Khuzestan Edit

Inhabited by ethnic minorities, Khuzestan is a region of Iran that is home for Persians, Arabic-speakers, Iranian Arab tribes, the Bakhtiari, Behbahanis, Laks, and Lurs of the north, the Qashqai and Afshari tribes, the peoples of Dezful, Shushtar. The coastal region of the Persian Golf is also considered to be part of this province. The coastal habitat also influences the cuisine of the region. The most popular meal in Khuzestan is seafood. The soboor dish is made from a species of fish living in the Iranian waters. Other dishes such as ashe-mohshala, hælim (Shushtari breakfast with lamb) and sær shir are also well known in the region.

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