Persians love their food but they cherish their desserts. Dishes such as Baagh Lava, Baamieh, Fereni, Ghotaab, Halva, Naan Nokhodchi, Ranginak, Samanoo, Shir Berenj, Sholeh-Zard, Sohaan-e Asali, Yakh Dar Behesht, Zoulbiya are very popular both in Iran and in the neighboring countries. However, the Western world is also adopting some of these desserts as a welcomed change and element of novelty. Here are a few of the most popular Persian desserts and their main ingredients:

  • Naan-Gerdooee: made with egg yolks, vanilla, sugar and walnuts
  • Ghotaab: made with eggs, yogurt, flour, almonds, sugar and cardamom powder
  • Sharbat-e Portaghal: made with fresh orange juice, sugar, and grated orange peel
  • Sholeh-Zard: with rice, sugar, saffron, rosewater, pistachios, almond and cinnamon
  • Sohaan-e Asali: with almonds, sugar, honey, saffron and pistachios
  • Naan-Berenji: made with rice-flour, sugar, eggs and rosewater
  • Naan-Nokhodchi: with chick-pea flour, sugar and oil
  • Ghors-e khorsheed: made with rice flour, sugar, rose-water, egg and saffron

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