There is a huge variety of traditional Persian meat dishes. However, here are some of the most popular:

  • Kabab Koobideh: barbequed ground lamb or beef
  • Eslaamboli Polow: with rice, ground lamb/beef and tomato paste
  • Joojeh Kabab: barbequed chicken with olive oil, tomatoes and saffron
  • Beryani: a dish from Esfahan made with specially prepared lamb and bread
  • Dolmeh Baadenjaan: eggplants filled with ground meat, rice and herbs
  • Koofteh Nokhod-chi: balls of ground meat, chickpea flour, sugar and saffron
  • Dolmeh Barg Mow: vine leaves wrapped around a mix of ground meat, rice and herbs
  • Dolmeh Seeb Zamini: potatoes with a filling of ground meat, rice and herbs
  • Kabab Hosseini: lamb or beef cooked on skewers with onions, tomatoes and green peppers
  • Ghormeh Sabzi: exquisite dish made with various herbs, meat, black-eye beans and potatoes
  • Koofteh Berenji: large balls of rice, ground meat, various herbs, onions and walnuts
  • Khoresht Baamieh: made with okras, potatoes and meat
  • Khoresht Baadenjaan: with meat, eggplants, onions, and lime juice
  • Morasah Polow: rice, chicken, raisins, barberries, almonds, pistachios, orange peel, and saffron
  • Shirin Polow: rice, chicken, sugar, almonds, pistachios, orange peel and saffron
  • Loobia Polow: with rice, meat, green beans, and tomato paste
  • Khoresht Loobia Sabz: made with meat, string beans, potatoes and lime juice
  • Khoresht Aaloo: with chicken, pitted prunes, potatoes, and saffron
  • Albaloo Polow: made with rice, black cherries, chicken, sugar, and saffron

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