Most Persian soups use fresh herbs and fruit and feature yogurt in their composition. Eshkeneh is a simple onion soup that has a history almost as long as that of the Persian people and other soups with origins that go thousands of years in the past are also popular in modern times. There are three main categories in which Persian soups may fall:

  1. Soop – eaten with taftun bread, this is a light soup that serves as an appetizer or a first course meal.
  2. Âsh – this vegetable based soup may also contain other ingredients such as meat or fruit juices. Exotic combinations are often found in this soup category: mint and yogurt combined with meat and herbs, for example.
  3. Âb goosht - meat based and nutritious, this is one of the most popular soup categories in Iran. This soup may also contain fruits and is one of the most economical dishes belonging to the Persian cuisine.

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