Although the famous Polish sausage is the most popular meat product related to Poland, most of the traditional and modern dishes use meat in abundance. Regardless of the type of meal, hot or cold, salty or sour, meat is always included in the menu. A Polish restaurant will most likely serve you kielbasa sausage, stuffed cabbage and pierogi, which are not baked dumplings, like the Russian piroshki, but giant ravioli instead. Bigos is another popular dish in Poland, mostly served with mushrooms and juniper berries. Bigos is also one of the most complex dishes – it is prepared a few days before being served, in order for the spices and meat juices to reach their peak taste. Although lamb, veal and duck meat is popular, pork is the number one meat type in Poland. Present as pork chop dishes (kotlet schabowy) or pork loin dishes (pieczeń), pork meat is served with sauces and salads.

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