It is quite a popular practice in Puerto Rico for the traditional soups from the cuisine of Puerto Rico to be served at the beginning of the main course meal. The frijoles negros, (black-bean soup) is a popular soup that is served before the opening to any of the traditional Puerto Rican meal. A common soup in the cuisine of Puerto Rico is the sopón de pollo con arroz soup; this is chicken soup with rice in it. A traditional method of preparing this classic soup asks for pumpkin and diced potatoes and a starchy root of a huge leaved tropical plant whose flesh is commonly yellow or creamy white. The sopón de pescado or the fish soup is also very popular. Traditionally this soup is prepared with garlic and spices along with onions and tomatoes, the flavor of this soup is further enhanced by a little dash of vinegar and half a cup of sherry. Most of the soups in the Puerto Rican cuisine are very unique and traditional. Preparing them requires some tact, but they are exceptionally easy to prepare. You will certainly not only enjoy cooking the soups from the cuisine of Puerto Rico but also have a lot of fun serving them.

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