Punjabi cuisine largely consists of meat dishes. There are few dishes that do without any kind of meat. However, the meat dishes are so many. To begin with, biryani is one that can be made with almost any meat. Biryanis are known to be made with beef, mutton, chicken, fish, and at times, even vegetables. However, beef, mutton and chicken are the most common.

Beef mutton and chicken are common for that matter with other Punjabi cuisine as well. You will find these meats in dishes like haleem, qorma, etc. You will also find variations in this cuisine, and this is because over a period of time people have experimented quite a bit.

At the time of festivals, there will be a variety of these meat dishes laid out as well. At festivals you may have qormas of different kinds, biryanis, etc. on a dinner table or buffet. In addition to this, meat is also used in smaller dishes. Things like seek kababs and the regular round-shaped kababs are made of different meats. These may be spicy and can accompany the main course meals as well. In addition to this, small dishes like kababs may be consumed on different occasions such as picnics or snack times. They may be consumed with bread, chapatti or even paratha, depending on one’s choice. Kababs may also be consumed plain; they are tasty and make a great light meal as well. Some kababs may consist of a mixture of ingredients along with their meat. They may be mixed with lentils or even vegetables.

Also, dishes like curries could also consist of a mixture of vegetables and meats too. These are delicious too, and have been the result of experimentation in Punjabi cuisine. Though they seem like experiments, they are tasty and make great eating.

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