The vegetarian dishes in the Rajasthani cuisine are lip-licking, and if you are a true vegetarian then you will simply love not only simply preparing the easy vegetarian meals from the cuisine of Rajasthan, but also enjoy eating them and serving them to your guests. The Rajasthani vegetarian dishes are tremendously great in their nutritious value and very healthy. Some of the vegetarian dishes are spicy and some of them are mild in taste, the taste of the vegetarian dishes solely depends on the chef. By using the right kinds of herbs and spices in your Rajasthani vegetarian cuisine will definitely yield some great tasting results. It is recommended to make use of fresh vegetables while preparing your vegetarian cuisine. Most of the traditional vegetarian dishes in the cuisine of Rajasthani require the traditional vegetables that are grown in the region, but do not be taken aback by this, the vegetables that are used in the preparation of the vegetarian dishes can easily be now found in any food departmental store world over. The vegetarian dishes do not require much skill; all you need to make your Rajasthani vegetarian meal scrumptious are the right ingredients and utensils that are needed to prepare them. Some of the most popular Rajasthani vegetarian dishes that you are most likely to find are: Aloo Dam (Potato curry with yogurt), Aviyal (Vegetable curry), Baigan Bhurta (Indian eggplant & tomatoes), Bhindi Bhaji (Fried okra), Dal Makkhani (Black lentils), Dals (List of Indian beans & legumes), Gobi (Spiced cauliflower), Matar Paneer (Curried peas & cheese), Pav Bhaji (Bombay-style mashed potatoes), Saag (Spiced spinach), and Sabzi Bhindi (Fried okra with cumin).

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