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Hello and welcome to the Recipes Wiki! If you have any questions, you can contact:

Zephyr135 is the main admin of the recipes wiki. This is the person you should contact for any vandalism or editing concerns and requests!

Asnow89 is a member of the staff over here at Wikia. She is a food lover and is very active on the Recipes Wiki, especially on the main page and on the weekly blog series! Feel free to send any questions her way.

Recipes Wiki is also accepting applications for new admins! If you are interested, please message one of the current admins or send an application to Special:Contact. We are requesting that users have at least 300 edits on the wiki and have shown an active effort in contributing to, editing, and monitoring the wiki.

Happy editing!

Former AdminsEdit

Lcawte-1   Lcawte

Lcawte is a Recipes Wiki administrator, and has been a contributer since November 2009. He currently has 671 edits. He mainly deals with vandalism on Recipes Wiki, along with running his bot to do many automatic tasks. He is often patrolling the Recent Changes on the look out for vandalism, and on wikia IRC channels. You can also find him working on a lot of other wikis, where he has adminship.

N6705289 32476684 4538   Kimberly McCollister

Kimberly is a Wikia staff member, who spends alot of her time working on Recipes Wiki. She has been contributing since December 2009, and has a massive 2,632 edits! She has been behind a lot of great changes to Recipes Wiki, various other page designs, and even helped come up with a new standard page layout.

Anonymous Pimp hat   Cumin the barbarian

Cumin the barbarian has been contributing to the Recipes wiki since February 27, 2009 and was made an admin on April 3, 2011.

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