El Salvador is a rather small country, with a balanced cuisine all through the territory. The most significant aspect when discussing the El Salvadorian regional cuisines is the fact that there are some main differences between the urban and the rural areas. In the villages and small towns, there are many groceries and open air markets (with various kinds of beans, rice, fruits and corn) and not so many food shops or supermarkets. People from these regions prefer to eat homemade food and local specialties. In the main cities, such as the capital San Salvador, there is a wide range of supermarkets and restaurants. The restaurants in San Salvador offer selections of both international (French, Italian, American are the most frequent ones) and traditional food, including all the Latin influences. The traditional food in the restaurants includes lomo entomatodo and salpicon (beef with tomatoes), curtido (cabbage salad and various fish and seafood dishes.

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