There are not many desserts in the Saudi Arabian cuisine. In ancient times the Saudi Arabian desserts were traditionally served at very special times such as the month of Ramadan. Nevertheless, now a huge variety of pastries and sweets are available in the Saudi Arabian region. They can be offered after a main meal but commonly they are served with traditional coffee or mint tea. Arabic cakes, scrumptious scream desserts and rice puddings (muhalabia) are also a part of the Saudi Arabian Dessert Cuisine. Until the beginning of 1970’s, Arabs have been known to end their meals with dates or watermelons that are grown in Qatif and neighbouring towns. They would add sugar to watermelons if they were not sweet enough. Cream-caramel (luqaymat) are also part of the desserts in the cuisine, these are like hushpuppies that are dipped in a sugar syrup or date molasses; sago pudding, a tapioca kind of a dish flavoured with saffron; or tatli which is a custard served either plain or topped with shredded coconut is also part of the desserts in the Saudi Arabian cuisine.

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