The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is well known for a variety of traditional dishes. One of the most popular meat dishes in Saudi Arabia is Al-Kabsa. This dish is made of rice and cooked with either red or white meant and sometimes even chicken in a pot. The meat in Saudi Arabia is cooked in various ways. A popular manner of preparing meat dishes is known as Al-Mandi. This calls for ancient techniques of cooking. A lamb or chicken which is prepared with rice, spices and water is normally barbequed in a deep hope that in the ground which is covered while the meat is being cooked. One of the uncanny ways of preparing and serving meat dishes in Saudi Arabia is Mathbi. This is done so by grilling seasoned lamb or chicken on flat stones those are placed on top of burning embers. The Meccan people have long been known for their meat dishes. Lamb shanks, chicken cooked in gravy, or kuftah (ground meat patties) are served with lemon wedges and the common Arab bread, and many times with rice also. Saliq a popular dish for weddings or funerals is a simple meat dish, the best known of all the rice dishes in Saudi Arabian cuisine. It is made with lamb, milk and rice. Another popular meal is known as the Mathlutha which is made by combining rice and Jarish. This meal is served with red or white meat and is cooked in either the Al-Mathbi or Al-Mandi way of cooking.

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