There are many Saudi Arabian Recipes that are readily available. You can find them in bookstores, on the Internet etc. The Saudi Arabian recipes are not at all complex. Though some of them can be very time consuming, yet they are very easy to make. The ingredients to most of the recipes are not unusual at all and can be found readily. Most of the spices that are used are now manufactured rather than made the traditional way in the ancient times. This makes it even easier. Arab cardamom-flavoured coffee served with dates is an integral part of their meals throughout Arabia. This coffee both greets and later ends his meal. Rice recipes are widely considered as the supreme test of culinary in the Kingdom. The richest array of rice recipes and specialities can be found in the Eastern province which is flavoured with rose water or saffron, garnished with raisins, onions, dried limes and various mixed spices. Rice recipes are considered to be the product of a master cook that is fit for all kinds of occasions and celebrations. The rice recipes can also be fit for everyday dishes, they can be cooked plain, delicately fragrant basmati rice which is commonly imported from India.

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