Saudi Arabian Cooking is an art. The Saudi Arabian Salads are not very complex and not difficult to make either. Most of the salads hardly require any cooking, but that depends on what kind of a salad you are making. A Saudi Arabian salad recipe such as tabbouleh is uncooked. This salad requires bulgur as do other recipes where bulgur is brought to the boil and cooked for a little while, and then it is left to rest off heat to swell as in a pilaf. Tabbouleh is one of the most famous and popular Middle Eastern salads which use bulgur, and then again we all know that every cook has his or her own favourite variations. There are not many traditional Saudi Arabian Salads, other than the tabbouleh, another popular salad is the Green Salad, which is known as the SalataKhadra, this usually requires six cucumbers a little ground black pepper, a few tomatoes, a bundle of fresh parsley, salt and juice of one lemon. This salad is perhaps the easiest to cook. You just need to wash the cucumbers and peel them.

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