There are many vegetcan be found in the Saudi Arabian Cuisine. The Arab Lentil and Rice Pilaf with browned onions is a scrumptious dish that is very common in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Arabian couscous with pine nuts and raisins is another popular dish in the Saudi Arabian Cuisine. This dish has low calorie fat combined with free diet pasta vegan. Another popular vegetarian cuisine in the Saudi Arabian Cuisine is the Hashwe that is Arabian stuffed vegetables in real. Most of the vegetarian cuisines are either boiled or found in a stew, in the Saudi Arabian Cuisine. A lot of nuts and raisins are used in the vegetarian cuisine. Fresh vegetables are preferred and oddly enough you will find the usage of potatoes and tomatoes a lot in the vegetarian cuisine. A lot of ‘green foods’ like lettuces, cucumbers etc are also found in the vegetarian cuisines. Mostly those who are on a diet, eat the Saudi Arabian vegetarian cuisine in Saudi Arabia.

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