Meat was and still is one of the main elements of any Scandinavian meal. The country’s climate allows for short periods of time when vegetables can develop, so meat was always a more consistent source of food. Fish represent a large percentage of the meat found in Scandinavian dishes. Both saltwater fish like the herring and inland water fish like trout or salmon are prepared in hundreds of ways and recipes. The tasty and original Inlagd sill – which is a dish of pickled herrings – is accompanied by different fish soup types. Surströmming is a dish of Baltic herring and salmons also find their special place in the Swedish and Norwegian cuisine in dishes such as the Gravad lax. Moose and deer meat are also used sometimes to prepare traditional dishes, but pork and poultry are still predominant. Dishes like Smorgasbord and Köttbullar, the tasty Swedish meatballs, should be on your list if you ever eat out in a Scandinavian restaurant or if you visit any of the Scandinavian countries.

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