In some Scottish salads dressing sauces are being used in order to mix the ingredients and to add a special flavor. Scottish salads are sometimes served as appetizers or as garnish to a meal and most Scottish salads are high in vitamins and very consistent. Scottish salads are very healthy dishes made of vegetables, fruits or even mixing fruits with vegetables or vegetables with meat. There are even Scottish salads made of fish meat, seaweed and vegetables. In preparing these salads, olive oil, lemon juice or vine is required. The Garlic Dip is a Scottish salad also specific to Wales that has as main ingredients garlic, mustard, eggs, vegetable oil, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and paper. All the ingredients will go in a bowl where they are mixed and afterwards served with pita bread or potato skins. As every salad, the Scottish salads are made from vegetables, fruits or sea food. The sea food can be served fresh on a salad (for example the salmon) or cooked and added it to the salad. The cabbage, the leek, potatoes and tomatoes are some of the basic ingredients in the salads specific to this region.

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