Among the appetizers served in a Serbian cuisine, the salads and the soups are the most significant ones. Serbia is not an appetizer focused cuisine, since all the meals are extremely consistent. Lunch is also served in three consecutive courses, the soup, the main course, and the dessert, and so the appetizer is often replaced by the soup. Snacks can also represent an appetizer in the Serbian cuisine, served in-between meals.

However, if you go to a Serbian restaurant, and you wish to have an appetizer, you can try the herb baguettes with garlic and olive oil. Bread is also an accompanier of the main course, and so you can have it before the actual meal, as an appetizer.

For a more consistent Serbian buffet, appetizers can consist of sliced ham, sausages and cheese, with sliced vegetables and olives on the side. This would be the traditional appetizer in a large family get together, or an organized party. It is know as a Swedish buffet, and elements on the served cold platter can vary according to one’s preferences. Pickles are also considered appetizers, especially is spiced enough.

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