The entire Serbian cuisine is a meat-based one, so it will be very easy to find dishes that contain any animal products in them. The national dish, the Ćevapčići, consists of grilled ground meat patties, which are heavily seasoned and mixed in the same dish. Pecenje (roasted meat: pork, lamb, goat or rarely ox) is a great Serbian meal, and men especially enjoy eating it. The meat Moussaka with ground beef is another meat-based Serbian dish, prepared in more than just one way, depending on the region and the chef cooking this dish. Stews are also very popular in the Serbian cuisine; especially mixed-meat ones, called Paprikaš, which contain large quantities of red pepper.

Pihtije, is a meal made out of pork legs, ears and insides, and boiled in salty water for a day and a half, until the liquid resulted will look like jelly and will become almost solid. It is usually made during winter time. Sarma is another great dish that contains meat of all sorts, beef and pork in particular, and is traditionally homemade as well as most of the Serbian dishes.

Other meat dishes contain various hams, like Njeguški pršut, and various sausages, like the Kulen.

Here are some popular Serbian meat dishes you can make at home:

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