Cooking a Serbian recipe is not a complicated matter and can easily be done if right steps are followed. The result will certainly a consistent rich dish. The moussaka for instance, is very easy to prepare. You have to place in deep dish layers of ground lamb, sliced aubergine or potatoes, and sliced tomatoes, then another layer of ground lamb, another layer of cut potatoes and sliced tomatoes, and then top the whole thing with a sauce made of two eggs and a cup of cream. Everything goes to oven for 45 minutes, and the result will most definitely be remarkable.

Podvarak, another Serbian traditional dish, is made of finely chopped pickled cabbage, onions, and pork roast, which are combined and baked in an oven.

The process of making Sarma is more elaborated, but simple. Minced meat (usually beef, pork, veal,) rice, onions and various spices including salt, pepper and various local herbs, are mixed together to form a paste which will afterward go inside cabbage leaves, making rolls that will be boiled for a few hours, preferably in a clay pot. They are served with cream on top of them and with home baked bread or rolls.

Some of the most popular Serbian recipes include:

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