In the Serbian cuisine there are a lot of meals that can be considered as snacks. Starting with the meat as the basic element, fatty snacks can result. Cracklings (čvarci) are the crispy bits that remain after rendering fat from the meat took especially after sacrificing a pig. These crispy bits are served as snacks with lots of slat rubbed into them.

Bacon (slanina) is another considered snack in the Serbian cuisine. It consists of certain cuts of meat taken from the sides or back of a pig, cured and sometimes smoked. In some cases, they are fried into their own fat until only cracklings are the only thing remaining.

Sandwiches are considered as great snacks, and are usually prepared with cheese and different types of hams and sausages, such as: Njeguški pršut, or Kulen.

If you want to have a snack not as fatty as the regular ones, you can serve yogurts in Serbia. Yougurts can be plain or fruity, depending on your choice. Strudels, doughnuts, burek and other pies are also considered great snacks available in the Serbian cuisine.

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