Being a multicultural society, the Singapore cuisine represents many inspirations coming from Chinese, Malays and Indians, but also Arabic food can be found. Singaporeans use limited kinds of meat: pork for borsches, fish, seafood or chicken for salads and as main course. Still, the Singaporeans managed to invent numerous meals with little ingredients, as they are masters in mixtures and the usage of herbs and spices. The Chinese own the most Singaporean recipes: rice, noodles, herbal soups, salads and chilly chickens are very common. The Chinese came with the sweet sauces like the sun go (white vegetable dumpling), Zhou change fen or cha shako fan and the Malays came with highly spicy and chilly meals, such as me rebus (noodles), otak-otak (spicy fish) or satay (grilled spicy meat). besides these, Indians brought fatter dishes and other ranges of spices: the famous roti prata (pan fried dough) and rice pancakes (appon and thosai).

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