Singaporeans use very original ingredients when it comes to desserts: sweet potatoes, red beans, lotus and attap seeds, pandan leaves, soy, sago or coconut milk. Also, most of the desserts are liquid and sometimes consumed hot. The tau huay is one of the most popular desserts, made of silky tofu with syrup and Singaporeans drink it as breakfast or as a late snack. Coconut milk is used for bubur cha cha (including potatoes), for the honeydew sago (with melon and sago) or for the chendol (with red beans and brown sugar).

The teas are considered dessert, too, like the water chestnut tea or chrysanthemum tea – these are both prepared as regular teas, but the plants remain inside. Also, there are some desserts that are called soups: cheng tng with agar strips and logans, red bean soup or green bean soup. A cold dessert is the ice kacang, made of grated ice with jelly, red beans and corn.

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