Singaporeans use limited kinds of meat: pork for borsches, fish, seafood or chicken for salads and as main course. The most used seafood is represented by: crabs, squids, oysters, lobsters and clams. These can be barbequed (beng he), served on a banana leaf, such as the Tahitians, prepared with tomato chilly, fried (especially oysters, even oyster omelet) or prepared with black pepper. Sometimes the seafood is combined in the same dish with pork, such as in the hokkien mee (from the Chinese fu jian chao xia mian), where fried shrimp is added to pork bits and yellow noodles. The fish Singaporeans eat is mainly white fillets, served fried, with exotic fruit. Chicken is served as steamed, like the hainasese chicken rice (hai nan ji fan), as poultry: Singapore chicken curry and laska, with lemon grass and coconut milk, with noodles and asparagus or barbequed with pineapple. Beef is also served as oriental hamburgers (curry puffs) with vegetables and spices.

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