The most common consumed foods in Singapore are: noodles, rice, seafood, light liquid desserts, poultry and chilly or sweet / sour chicken. The noodle soup is common, as noodles are ingredients found in all kind of meals; this soup is prepared with shrimps (or just the shells), crab, cucumber, scallions and spiced with garlic and ginger. A quick Singaporean salad recipe contains American lettuce, green onions, celery, toasted almonds, green pepper, rice vinegar, and olive and sesame oil. The rojack (from the Indonesian rujak, meaning mixture) is a salad / snack which is very intensely flavored, colored and smelly meal, representing all Southeast Asia. The most used seafood is represented by: crabs, squids, oysters, lobsters and clams. Singaporeans use very original ingredients when it comes to desserts: sweet potatoes, red beans, lotus and attap seeds, pandan leaves, soy, sago or coconut milk. A great vegetarian breakfast is the nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis, a Malayan dish with 2 main parts: rice and samball.

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