Singaporean vegetarian dishes include noodles, tofu, rice, carrots, beans, mushrooms, peppers, corn, soy, potatoes and eggplant. The Asian (sweet and sour cucumber salad), the gudeg putih (made with jackfruit and coconut) or the atjar tjampoer with carrots, green beans and white cabbage are similar to salads and seem complex meals, without any meat involved. A great vegetarian breakfast is the nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis, a Malayan dish with 2 main parts: rice and samball. The rice is prepared with pandan leaves and coconut milk and the sambal with onions, dried chilly and peeled ikan bilis (anchovies). For non vegetarians, this is served with grilled fish. The fish or chicken can be removed from the salads and these would still taste good, as they are complex, with many ingredients. The variety of eatable leaves and plants, the replacement of regular milk with coconut milk and fat with olive oil makes many dishes to be authentic vegetarian ones.

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