The Slovak cuisine is based on meat, as it has rural origins. Pork, poultry and beef predominate. Among the poultry, chicken, goose, duck and turkey have the most important roles. These final meats are either fried, grilled or skewered. Some recipes, however, use game meats as the main ingredient. In this category rabbit, boar and venisor are worth to be mentioned. Pork results in steaks, ribs or chops, while beef, which has a higher price than the pork and poultry, is the main ingredient for dishes such as Sirloin with fried onion and beefsote. Hus s loksami is one of the Slovak meat dishes that gained popularity over the boundaries. This is the name given to pancakes filled with a mix of potatoes, goose meat and liver. The seafood may be part of the Slovak menus, but usually has high prices, so it is recommended to try the freshwater fish like trout and carp.

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