The Slovak cuisine has borrowed cooking concepts from the civilization that made contact with Slovakia. As evidence stand the Austrian Schnitzel and the Hungarian Goulash that may be parts of an Slovak meal. However, the Slovaks have adapted each of these recipes to the local environment, have used local ingredients and have altered the preparation methods, in order to create a unique cuisine. It must not be concluded that all the Slovak recipes appeared this way. Some of the dishes are typical only to this country. The original recipes cover a wide range of foods. Appetizers, soups, salads, meat dishes and desserts are part of the Slovak cuisine. Each of these dishes is carefully prepared in order to provide great effects, both in look and in taste. Various fruits are used for preparing desserts and natural juices. However, the Slovak cuisine is based on meats, and the country displays a great variety of meat types, from the common pork, beef and poultry to boar and rabbit.

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