An important fact when discussing the Slovenian cuisine is the fact that it rarely uses imported products, such as exotic fruit and cereals that don’t grow in the country. Among these, beans, potatoes, cabbage and as meat pork and beef are very much used. There is a wide range of cooking traditions and styles, due to the fact that Slovenia has 7 regions, with most of the differences regarding the soup recipes. In Stajerska and Prekmurje, the traditional meal is the na zlico, defining a range of soups: sour, soup, potatoes soup, brzole or brogac, in Gorjenska, the most famous soups are the browned soup with eggs and the vegetable hot-pot and in Primorska, there is the meat soup (jota with vegetables and pork). Most of the Slovenian meat dishes are rather fat, heavy and caloric, as they consist of pork or beef meat and animal fat (bacon, ocvirki and zaseka) and they are served as beef, roasted or with sweet and sour taste, combined with fruit, Italian dressings or eggs and cheese.

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