Most of the Slovenian meat dishes are rather fat, heavy and caloric, as they consist of pork or beef meat and animal fat (bacon, ocvirki and zaseka). The meat can be served as beef, roasted, or sometimes sour, but the Italian meatballs and Carolina pulled pork with barbeque sauce from USA are also traditional. Roasted dishes are the roast Stephanie, with all bacon, pork, beef, eggs, bun and milk or the oven-roast pork hocks or the roast kid. Beef is made of lamb or veal, such as lamb with cheese or all'uccelletto veal, Italian style. Another Italian dish, prepared in Slovenia that might seem unusual is the sweet and sour boar, with prunes, chocolate and red wine, all together as a sauce. The Slovenian sour pork kidney is very traditional, served with a lot of vinegar, sour cream and bacon. The ox tail and tripe are used for meat dishes, combined with mint, cheese and bacon.

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