Slovenian recipes are not easy to follow for an outsider and they seem complex and some of them might even have strange combinations, yet delicious and exotic. An exotic salad recipe is prepared with spiral pastas, yoghurt, sour cream and fruit: red grapes, pineapple and strawberries. Sweet and sour is often combined, both for meat dishes and salads. Regarding meat dishes, an Italian recipe, prepared in Slovenia that might seem unusual is the sweet and sour boar, with prunes, chocolate and red wine, all together as a sauce. One of the most famous soups and specific for all regions is the lentil soup (lecina juha) contains smoked neck bones and navy beans, while the gobja juha (mushroom soup) is prepared with Boletus wild mushrooms, butter and sour cream. The most common Slovenian desserts are the strudels and the pancakes and both of them often include apples: mashed, sliced or fresh. Slovenians love dough dishes and that is why they have many kinds of pastas and breads.

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