The favorite Slovenians snacks are the ones made of flour, with dough. A custom snack, which has a Balcanic influence and it is also common in Turkey is the burek. This can be prepared with cheese, potatoes, meat and eggs, but the Slovenian recipe combines them all, plus yoghurt and onions and it also known as stuffed bariza and eaten in the afternoon, with herb tea. Light snacks are represented by the roast potatoes or the corn ponoe, also known as polenta, which is eaten with cheese. Ajvar is also common as both an appetizer and a snack; it is made of aubergines, peppers and hot chilly in vinegar. Sandwiches can also be great snacks, especially because Slovenians have many kinds of bread: bacon bread, buckwheat bread (ajdov kruh), colored buchweat bread, crackling bread (ocvirkovka), luncheon popovers, pumpkin bread with cinnamon, nutmeg and whipped cream and walnuts and the sweet rye bread (rrzeni kruh).

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