Soups depend a lot on the Slovenian regions, but from all, Jespren is a kind of soup found in all parts of the country. The soups are based both on vegetables and meat. Tripe and beef soups are flavored with garlic, parsley and lemon, while chicken soups are made with celery, onion, mace and carrots. The lentil soup (lecina juha) contains smoked neck bones and navy beans, while the gobja juha (mushroom soup) is prepared with Boletus wild mushrooms, butter and sour cream. Sour is a very common Slovenian taste and it is not missing from soups, either. To get this taste, cooks use a lot of vinegar and sour cream, like in the sauerkraut and sour turnip soup, also known as jota, with beans, potatoes, bacon and garlic. All soups are complex and not easy to make, as they contain many elements, both vegetal and animal, which must be perfectly measured and combined, to get the authentic Slovenian taste.

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