Vegetables are very used in all kind of dishes, especially: potatoes, beans and cabbage. Beans are prepared as beans cooked like small birds, containing tomatoes, olive oil and fresh white toscanelli beans. Also, the green beans are used for buranija, with onions, tomatoes puree and red paprika. The mushrooms are prepared as sautéed mushrooms (prazene gobe), with Boletus mushrooms, onion and garlic. Potato salads can be prepared simple, just with sliced onion, like the krompirjeva solata and broccoli is also a must for the Slovenian vegetarians. Cabbage and noodles (sladko zelje z rezanci) is eaten by many vegetarians, as long as the noodles are egg free. Still, being a vegetarian in the Slovenian space is not easy, as pork and beef are bases for most meals, especially on holidays, Sundays or on family dinners. Even if meat is not included in the meal, eggs and the Italian cheese are common ingredients in side dishes, salads, soups and even appetizers and snacks.

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