The Somali cuisine is very diverse. The dishes eaten here are a wonderful example of the mixing of European influences with traditional African cuisine. Below you can see some great Somali recipes.

Ambola is made with red beans boiled in water, and is sometimes mixed with rice and a pinch of salt. It is smeared with sesame oil (called masara) and sugar when served.

Malawa looks like a pancake and is made with flour, sugar, oil and eggs. It may or may not be served with honey.

Iskudahkaris is a combination of onions and vegetables that are fried in oil, to which rice and water are then added.

Chapathi is a pan fried bread using vegetable oil or butter to fry.

Sukhar is a beef and tomato sauce, or a beef and vegetable sauce.

Maqhumri is dough made out of flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder. Small balls of dough, about 2-3 inches in circumference, are deep fried in oil.

Halwa is made with wheat flour, clarified butter and sugar.

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