Snacks are not considered as part of the daily food in Somalia. Homemade cakes are often eaten as snacks. Most often, they are sold on the streets to tourists.

Ngalakh is made using karaw (millet couscous), butter, bouye (baobab fruit), peanut butter, vanilla, orange-flower water, nutmeg or cinnamon, raisins and sugar.

Dabo Kolo is a crunchy, spicy snack, a sort of bread balls or crackers. They look something like peanuts, and they are served like peanuts: as a snack, between meals, with drinks, and available from street vendors and small shops. Traditionally, dabo kolo are favoured by nomads because they keep for a long time without spoiling.

Mandazi (or Maandazi, also called Mahamri or Mamri) are Somali fried breads similar to donuts. They are eaten with tea or coffee for breakfast, for a snack anytime, and with the main course for lunch or dinner.

Kashata are something between candy and cookie. Kashata are made with peanuts or grated coconut on the stove or over a fire, not in an oven like European biscuits or American cookies.

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