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The focus and purpose of our group is sharing Recipes and Methods of cooking the foods of the heart and soul that we have loved since our childhood. We want you to share recipes of all kinds as long as they come from the heart and are special to you. We are willing to try new things but love the old heritage recipes of our Mothers and Grandmothers, our Fathers and Grandfathers, and other family and friends. Comfort foods are especially welcome. We love all kinds of cooking including Soul Food, Southern Cooking, Deep South, Bar-B-Que (no matter what part of the country it comes from), Country and other recipes of all kinds are welcome. Foods from Texas, New Orleans, Cajun, Creole, Low Country, Gulf Coast, Piedmont, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Any other recipes from any other place where good food is loved and excites your taste buds when you cook, serve and eat it is also welcome at Soul Food and Southern Cooking.

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Meet the founder and one of the owners of the Soul Food and Southern Cooking Y-group and learn more about why this group is considered Cookbookwiki's best Southern Soul Food Resource Partner!

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