Some of the most delicious South African appetizers include pates, such as the snoek pate or the biltong pate. Thin sliced button mushrooms, mixed with chopped onions, finely grated biltong, wiped cream and fresh watercress make for a great appetizers served in fancy restaurants as well as prepared by local people at home with variations in condiments added. Other great appetizer served in restaurants may be the Peri-peri chicken livers prepared usually in dry white wine with cayenne pepper, the pink crepes filled with cream cheese, shrimp Mozambique, or the baked mushrooms with basil and sometimes nut stuffing. Avocado salad or spinach soup can be served as appetizers and are sometimes accompanied by special South African bread, baked half-way, cut and baked all the way to make it crispy inside as well. The Yellow melon muscadel (the South African name for muscatel) is a traditional South African appetizer, and is usually served on salad plates.

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