South African desserts will include large varieties of exotic fruit mixes, such as quince, peaches, mangoes, citrus, apricots, grapes, pomegranates, and melons, baked cakes and sweet puddings. Dried exotic fruits are some of the greatest desserts known worldwide and exported to many countries all over the world. South African puddings are usually very sweet and come available in many flavors, the most famous ones being the apricot jam pudding and the buttermilk pudding. Specific traditional desserts include Hertzog cookies, South African rusks, and koeksisters (sweet fried treats). Sweet dumplings and coconut pies are also very delicious and prepared in most regions of the country. South African tarts are famous for their varieties, and the most delicious ones are the melktert (milk tart), the brandy tart, and rum and raisin tart. Some other desserts include the date cake, banana caramel pie and the brandy squares served with chocolate sauce.

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