South African meat dishes include large varieties of meats, from fish and seafood, to beef, pork, chicken, goat and lamb. More particular meats will be encountered in special dishes, such as the crocodile sirloins, fried caterpillars, fried sheep heads, and termites, locusts and mopane worm stews. Biltong is a meat snack in South Africa and consists of dried and salted meat, used in the preparation of other dishes. Boerwors are farm sausages grilled in opened barbeques, and meat pies are frequently prepared as well. A traditional meat dish in the South African cuisine is the Potijekos, prepared in iron pots in family get-together, called braai. Frikkadels, little hamburgers subtly seasoned with nutmeg, represent a typical snack meat dish, as well as beef and pork kebabs. Seafood dishes, an important part of the South African diet, include rock lobster prepared with lemon butter; oysters stews, crayfish braised with onions, chilies and curry sauces, and snoek fish, usually served dried and smoked. Meat stews are very common dishes and almost all meats can be stewed with different hot or mild condiments.

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