Among the South African traditional recipes, there are some that are being prepared the same no matter the part of the country.

Potjiekos, the staple meal of the South African cuisine, is a meat seasoned stew, prepared in very little liquid with vegetables added in layers on top of the meat. To prepare a prefect Potjiekos recipe, the secret is to not stir in the pot, to preserve the colour and texture of the meat.

You will also have to know how to prepare a Bobotie recipe, a typical dish to this cuisine. Mixing ingredients like chopped onions, vegetable oil and minced beef with condiments like curry powder, black pepper, and ground turmeric, bay leaves and whole almonds will result in a delicious original dish.

The Cape Malay kebabs can be prepared in different ways, but still ingredients like curry powder, corn flour, ground turmeric and pork and beef meats are used in the process. One of the oldest recipes in the South African cuisine is the crumbly pap made of maize meal or fine white cornmeal, water and salt.

Dessert recipes include buttermilk pudding, made with brown sugar, ground cinnamon, butter and vegetable oil for deep frying.

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