Snacks are typically served in-between meals. However, even more consistent food, such as sosaties (curried lamb kebabs) and frikkadels (little meatballs) can be served as snacks. Biltong, strips of cured dried meat (similar to jerky), is usually thinly sliced and served plain as a fast snack. Various types of dried fruit, including peaches, mango, apricots and raisins also feature on the snack scene. Hot and spicy peanuts are great South African snacks and are often commercialized and sold in small bags together with almonds, raisins, coconut flakes and crispy sticks. Sweet pastry snacks called beskuit (rusks) are often made from the same dough as bread, sometimes flavored with sugar or raisins, aniseed, muesli; separated in rectangular slabs and dried in the oven till they become crispy. Some beskuit may even be made with buttermilk. Other sweet snacks are melktert (milk tarts), consisting of a puff pastry case filled with thick custard.

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