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Soybean – Health Benefits Edit

  • The soybean is a high-protein legume that is finding more and more fans throughout nutritionists and is taking a top place in a lot of healthy diets nowadays. Soybeans are a low-fat, cholesterol free source of proteins, iron, zinc, potassium and calcium. They are used both in diets that want to avoid or treat certain diseases and in weight-losing diets.
  • Soybeans are a source of compounds and hormones that provide a good protection an almost all types of cancer. Additionally, because of their protease inhibitors, soybeans have the ability to slow the growth rate of cancerous cells in the human body. They are well known throughout the World as a soothing element for people that have cancer and especially for breast cancer (because they contain estrogenic phyto-hormones which prevent breast cancer).
  • Another great health benefit provided by soybeans and soy products in general, is the protection of the cardiovascular system. Soy actually reduces the chance of heart disease and heart strokes, and keeps a balanced blood circulation throughout the body. Being rich in potassium, it is a perfect (natural) remedy for those that have a low blood pressure, as the potassium will strengthen circulation and increase blood pressure.
  • Soybeans are also known to help with other several health problems or body discomforts, like menopause discomforts, anemia, osteoporosis and even prevention of the common cold. Because of this, soybeans and soy products are used more and more in almost every vegetarian diet out there, being a favorite food type among an increasing number of nutritionists. Low fat, low carbohydrates, a lot of proteins, a lot of vitamins, and a good dose of the required daily value for a number of chemical elements…almost anything you could ever want from a meal, especially when it’s as tasty as it is.
  • So if you’re thinking of protecting your body from a number of diseases, keeping in shape or loosing weight, soy products and soybeans are just what you need. A soy-based diet can be a major boon for your body in the long run.

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