Spanish people will most definitely have dessert after almost every meal, part because they have big appetite for them, and part because they know how to prepare a delicious dessert. Among the specific Spanish desserts and cakes, there is the flan, which looks almost the same as the custard, being both prepared from milk and eggs and being thickened by heat. The rice pudding, is a delicious Spanish dessert, and can be served in many variations, such as banana, honey, marmalade or fruity rice pudding.

Pastry are delicious desserts in Spain, the churros being sweet such pastry-based desserts, which are served with whip cream and even ice-cream.

Turron is a traditional Spanish dessert, mainly served for during Christmas time. It typically contains lots of honey, sugar and eggs, coated in crushed, toasted almonds, and the result is shaped into rectangular small tablets.

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