While preparing a Spanish meal, you have to put your imagination to work. The large variety of meals, recipes and dishes that the Spanish cuisine has, is given to it by the influences suffered from other European and Asian countries. Among the main recipes, the paella is certainly the most famous one. Preparing a paella dish is not a very complicated matter. All you have to keep in mind is the main ingredients: the rice, the saffron and the olive oil. You fry the rice in the olive oil for about five minutes, and then you add water to let the rice boil in it. Tradition states the fact that you should prepare the paella over a fire set on the floor. The garnish is made from chicken meat, tomatoes and three types of beans: garrofó (lima bean), ferraúra and tavella.

Tortillas de patatas, or tortilla esspanola as it is also called around the country, is actually an egg based omlette to which potatoes are being added. You can start by frying some onions in a table-spoon of olive oil, then poor the already mixed eggs with the small sliced potatoes. The regular form of the cut potatoes is a thin rounded one, but you can also shave them to make them thinner. You can also add green peppers or even chili if you prefer it a bit spicier.

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