If you are a vegetarian, you can find different meals in the Spanish cuisine that don’t include meat at all. There are a range of thick vegetable soups that can consist as the basis of a solid meal. You can also eat paella without any added garnish. Just the rice with the saffron and the olive oil sets the basis of a vegetarian Spanish meal. You can also serve pasta dishes, since pasta is really a Spanish traditional element in the cooking process. Wheat has been introduced to the Spanish cuisine long before any other European country, and so a large variety of pastas, bread and pitas have developed, being a good subsistent for a consistent meal. Steamed vegetables can also be offered to a vegetarian meal as the main course, or as a garnish for the paella. Either way, depending on the region of the country, you can always find a suitable vegetarian dish that will definitely be tasty enough for you.

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