Sri Lankan cuisine is extremely rich as far as salads are concerned. Most of the Sri Lankan salads are based on fruits. Some of them are: Samburu watermelon salad with celery-nut dressing containing cream cheese, mayonnaise, heavy cream, celery, lettuce, watermelon, and nuts; watermelon mousse, which consists of pureed watermelon, sugar, gelatin, heavy cream, and lemon juice; Gedi pineapple chicken salad, a colourful recipe prepared from pineapple juice, Gedi pineapples, white wine vinegar, lime juice, ground cumin, sugar, vegetable oil, hot water, cilantro, chicken, pepper and salt, lettuce, red pepper, onions, and avocado; salad of malindi mangoes and wundanyi beet root with fresh beets, red onion, watercress, chicory, lettuce, and mangoes; fresh voi asparagus with roasted red peppers, containing asparagus, garlic, red pepper, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and salt. There are many other combinations which you can prepare with a little imagination, patience, and, of course, having enough ingredients which you can choose from and volition to make all these interesting combinations.

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